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Gift Certificate

How to use a gift certificate:

Within a month, your friend can visit our salon in any convenient time from 12 AM to 12 PM, and order a massage, according to the value of the gift certificate.

To purchase a gift certificate, please call us and tell about your visit. We have taken care of every detail so your precious people will have recreation on the highest level! Be sure it would be the most original gift and a day to remember!

Massage – AS A GIFT

It is ensured that massage done by girls from our salon increasing tone, restoring your vitality – and simply is a cure for many illnesses. The benefits of massage techniques, which is been provided in a massage salon “5 rooms”:

restores the elasticity of muscles

strengthening the immune system

enhances the blood circulation

provides bracing effect

Erotic massage is a memorable gift that will take the Lucky one far away from the city bustle and the daily routines. You can give him this unearthly pleasure!

Do you want to make the exotic present that will be unforgettable? Hurry up to order it dialing the number

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